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Razer Cortex 9.15

Increase frames-per-second and improve load times when playing games
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Increase the performance of your computer and games. View a list of games you have recently played and choose which ones require boosting by adding and removing them from the list. Select the Automatic Boost or the Manual Boost mode and use the Restore tool to undo particular actions.

Razer Cortex is a game buster. The program lets you utilize most of your system's resources to provide a smooth, stable and fast gaming experience in cases when the games you want to play are so demanding that your PC is not normally capable of running them smoothly.

The program has a simple nicely designed interface with quick access to optimization features. Said features include redirecting RAM from secondary processes to the game you want to play, making more of the processes available when the game is launched, defragmenting game-related system and application to accelerate processing, searching and updating relevant drivers that would accelerate the game, adjusting the Internet connection for online gaming sessions, system diagnostics to see what can be done for compatibility, etc.

Special mention goes to the ability to capture audio and video using Razer Cortex, which is a pleasant addition to the overall great functionality. There's also an option to use it as a task manager displaying current levels of occupied resources such as CPU load, hard disk space, fan speed, etc.

Finally, the program lets you access a built-in online store interface to actually buy games. It's a nice move to avoid piracy.

All in all, Razer Cortex is a handy application with diverse functionality and great effect on performance. It's a nice choice if you want to play some of the more demanding games on an average computer.

James Lynch
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  • Great system optimization
  • Audio and video capture
  • Automated updates
  • Online optimization


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